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08 February 2019

5 Reasons To Use SMTP Relay Service

Bulkresponse SMTP relay service or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a communication standard used to transmit emails across the internet. It simplifies the communication between servers by breaking the email message into categories such that the other server can easily understand. An email message has a sender, a receiver, a message body, and usually a title heading. For a certain email there can be many recipients, but a single, unique sender.

07 February 2019

Top Tips To Improve Email Marketing Response Rates

With new and advanced digital marketing tools constantly on the rise, e-mail still remains one of the most effective means to get your message across to a large client base in a very short time. With so many emails being sent on a daily basis, it becomes very difficult to ensure that your target customers respond to your emails in the desired manner. To do that, you need to keep in mind a few tried-and-tested email marketing tips that are sure to help you get the response you seek from your customers. Read on to get the top 5 tips to improve email marketing response rates.

06 February 2019

How To Improve your email Campaign Click through Rates

Email marketing though an old marketing technique is still very much effective, provided you know how to run an effective email marketing campaign. See, the only way to sell your idea or products through an email is when the reader opens it up. However, do you think people, in a busy world like ours, have time to open up an email which they know is a promotional one? Really? No. Unless and until they are sure the email contains content of their interest, they won’t probably be opening it and it will end up in the trash.

04 February 2019

Ways to Build an Email List Fast

Every business looks to build an email list and they want to do it fast. The question arises, is it really necessary to build a list or there are other ways around. Let's take a look.

01 February 2019

Best time to send an email campaign

Email is certainly the most efficient and least expensive medium of marketing your business offers. You can address thousands of people with a single email message sent in bulk. However, you still have to make sure that your email campaign receives good open rate and click rate.

31 January 2019

7 Tips to Plan a Successful Email Blast

Businesses usually need to communicate to their existing and potential customers most frequently. This keeps them closer to their audiences. As email is among the most preferred communication channels, described below are 7 tips to plan a successful email blast.

29 January 2019

Ever wonder why your open rates are low?

You know, email marketing is still very effective, but it is changing. Specially, ISP spam filters are updating every now and then, and marketers really have to adapt to these changes in order to remain up to date.

28 January 2019

6 Best Tips to Write Effective Email Autoresponder Messages

Autoresponder Messages may not be a preferred substitute over personal responses for many users, but they are definitely a necessary one. Be it a welcome email, a subscription or purchase confirmation email

24 January 2019

Big Things Happening at BulkResponse

Some big things are happening at BulkResponse and some exciting new announcements with new features , better pricing and new services are coming early next week. Most of the new features are courtesy to popular demand from our customers who enjoy BulkResponse email marketing services since we launched.

23 January 2019

Reasons WHY Email Marketing Fails at Times!!

Every day new data is shared about email marketing; sometimes that data creates more confusion than it resolves. However, the same email marketing, when done right, is very effective. If your email marketing efforts are falling flat,

22 January 2019

5 Emails to Send to Your Customers and How to Send Them

So you have been down the road and already have taken the first step toward by building your contact list, and now you need to send something to your subscribers. But what should that something be? And how that something needs to be delivered? …. If you’re yet to figure out this or how to get the customers’ engagement, here we’ve highlighted the points you need to keep track of, on a regular basis, along with a few other tips that will be helpful in long run.

21 January 2019


Nevertheless, regardless of the industry you’re in, these key mass email marketing practices have a direct effect on the success rate of your email marketing campaign. Though practices are quite straightforward but they help your business in improving your mass email marketing.

18 January 2019


Let’s say, you want to send a mass email to your subscribers, without sounding spam. Also, you want your bulk email marketing campaign to be effective as well.

10 January 2019

Introducing SMTP Relay Service

My team and I have been working very hard day and night burning midnight oil to bring you a yet another powerful service. SMTP relay service allows you to use our SMTP channel to deliver your email campaigns.

09 January 2019

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly valuable tool for all types of marketing. Regardless of all the publicity about the importance of social media marketing, most professionals prefer email marketing to drive the customer engagement to its max. Email marketing is a proven success. Here are the reasons why you need to use an email marketing service.

08 January 2019

New Trends Of Bulk Email Marketing In 2018

2018 is going to be a great year for marketing. Last year, we saw first time mobile traffic exceeding that of any other platform. This was long predicted, and focus has been shifted almost completely to mobile friendly marketing campaigns.

07 January 2019


Bulk emails go into the spam, or get blocked. Why? Well, if you have low open rates, your emails get flagged by spam filters, or at times situation gets worse and results in permanent blocking. Either way, it not only wastes time and money, but is also useless.

04 January 2019


“Blast” is a word that makes us cringe whenever it is heard. You might be hearing or reading it every single day in the email compliance and deliverability field. However, there are two words that should never be uttered around

03 January 2019

Some of the Most Important Things you didn't know about Mass Email Marketing

However, email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing, if used properly and effectively. As a matter of fact, the internet marking experts prefer the old fashioned methods of marketing rather than the new ones.

02 January 2019

Tips To Find Best Email Marketing Solutions and Services

In most of the entrepreneurial affairs, marketing activities are allocated with the least portion of the overall budget. It is therefore always required to take steps cautiously while spending on your promotional activities. Since the past decade, internet has increasingly been drawing marketers towards direct email marketing.

01 January 2019

5 Tips to Improve Open Rate of an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing, by and large, is the most commonly used marketing technique employed by both big as well as small companies. With the world going unbelievably tech dependent, most of the people find themselves checking their emails several times a day and that’s what encourages the retailers to use bulk email marketing

31 December 2018

Should I send Text or HTML emails?

It has been a busy Christmas and New year for us at BulkResponse, and resulted in some quietness on blog. Looks like everybody is mailing from BulkResponse like crazy and we had to add some extra horse power

28 December 2018

Top 5 Tips to Improve email Deliverability

In order to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, it is imperative that you regularly monitor your email deliverability rate and constantly strive to improve it.

27 December 2018

BulkResponse becomes first ESP to implement IPV6

We have been quietly testing IPV6 implementation for a select few customers over past few months, and we are glad to announce that now we are rolling out this feature to all our BulkResponse users gradually.

26 December 2018

5 Reasons why Dedicated SMTP Relay Servers are Ideal for Enterprises with High Volume Email Needs

It is always believed that a dedicated SMTP relay server should be the first choice of businesses that intend to send unlimited messages to their customers. Below are the 5 reasons why dedicated SMTP relay servers are recommended for large enterprises having huge email needs.

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