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10 September 2006

05 September 2006

Introducing JSON

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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format.

Le guide des langages Web - Accueil

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les cours proposés portent sur des langages de balisage et de présentation (XHTML, XML, CSS, XSLT), des langages de script (Javascript/JScript, VBScript), et des plateformes de développement (PHP, ASP) et d'autres langages de programmation (Java, SQL,

Home | Getahead

DWR allows Javascript in a browser to interact with Java on a server and helps you manipulate web pages with the results.

Java[tm] Web Start Developer's Guide

This developer's guide provides documentation on how to deploy applications using Java TM Web Start and the JNLP technology. home

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Eclipse is an open source community whose projects are focused on providing an extensible development platform and application frameworks for building software.

(Multiple Browser Supported) Java applet using XHTML 'object' tag

This Java applet uses the Java Plug-in supplied by Sun. It has been tested and shown to work with the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Camino, Netscape, Safari, Konqueror, and Opera.

Cewolf - Chart Enabling Web Object Framework

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Cewolf can be used inside a Servlet/JSP based web application to embed complex graphical charts of all kinds (e.g. line, pie, bar chart, plots, etc.) into a web page. Therefore it provides a full featured tag library to define all properties of the chart

UTF-8 Demo

This is the start page for a series of pages that demonstrate various internationalization issues you may encounter when developing Web applications using the Java programming language and related technologies such as JSP.

WebWork - WebWork

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WebWork is a Java web-application development framework. It is built specifically with developer productivity and code simplicity in mind, providing robust support for building reusable UI templates, such as form controls, UI themes, internationalization,

The Apache Jakarta Tomcat 5 Servlet/JSP Container - Documentation Index

The Apache Jakarta Tomcat 5 Servlet/JSP Container Documentation Index

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