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May 2006 - Accueil

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TheCity Local, c'est vous permettre de rencontrer les personnes qui habitent réellement près de chez vous, grâce à GoogleEarth. Ce dernier met à la disponibilité de tous des photos du monde prises par satellites, et vous pouvez zoomer sur n'importe quelle partie de la Terre.

April 2006

March 2006


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CrispyNews is a site that allows anyone to create a community news site--for free

livelocker : social media bookmarking

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Save your favorite media into your personal locker. Submit links to your favorite clips or pics.

February 2006


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a free online reference management service for researchers and clinicians

Gootza, l'annuaire de recommandations

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Gootza vous permet de recommander vos services favoris tels que restaurants, plombiers, massages, services à domicile, loisirs, etc. ainsi que de découvrir les services recommandés par vos amis

January 2006

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why digg when you can gabb?

Funzai / published news

Que c'est original : encore un clone de de digg


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Oyax is a social bookmark manager. It allows you to easily add web sites you like to your personal collection of links, categorize those sites with keywords, and share your collection not only with your own browsers and machine, but also with other people.


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Un clone de digg

December 2005


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A blog about Web 2.0 and Social Media.

by 3 others is a service that allows you to share your in-game screenshots with your friends. You can rate, discuss and categorise your screenshots as you see fit.

Muiso Music

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Muiso is made up of two parts - the website at and the desktop companion software. When you run the companion software (download here) you will see a music videoish popup that shows all kinds of interesting things.


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the community, will submit the stories and also decide, by votes, which ones will be promoted to the front page.

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