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May 2006

Skypecasts : Transnets : conversations a partir du blog via skype

Skype add-on solutions

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Free answering machine software and more for Skype by Pamela-Systems


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SoonR allows users to access applications and files on their Windows computer via their cell phone. If your cell phone is web enabled, you can use SoonR to access Outlook, pictures and other files and applications on your PC.

March 2006


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Lets you use skype from your mobile phone.

February 2006

October 2005

September 2005

Skype Journal

Skype Journal is a weblog for independent news, views and support for Skype users and developers. Skype Journal is produced for the Skype Community by Mosoci LLC and is not connected or affilitated with Skype Technologies S.A. in any way.

Anti-Skype software kills IM, P2P too

LAST WEEK, Verso Technologies ( announced the rollout of a "carrier-grade applications filter" that can block so-called bandwidth drains such as Skype, P2P messaging, streaming media, and instant messaging.

August 2005

Google Talk And Skype Are Boring, And Here's Why

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It seems that everywhere I turn on the web these days, people are excited about Google Talk and/or Skype. "Real voice conversations over the Internet for free," people say.

Why Google's Instant Message Service is Not about Jabber but about Skype

Que faire des quelques milliards que vient d'avoir google... acheter skype ?

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