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June 2006


Personalized film recommendation engine

March 2006

January 2006

Mnet :: 2006 Quality of Life Index, has released its Annual Quality of Life Index. And the winner is...France. The loser? Iraq.

December 2005


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the community, will submit the stories and also decide, by votes, which ones will be promoted to the front page.


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TailRank is a social news recommendation system and collaborative filter.


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Everyone has heard the buzz about blogs, but finding the best information is a real challenge without the right tools. That's where Blogniscient comes in. We categorize and rank blog articles and blogs in real time, providing up-to-date information on the hottest blog entries.

September 2005

Un nouveau classement mondial des universités ?

Cette fois-ci il concerne la visibilité sur Internet. Le classement des universités devient une activité à la mode mais souffre encore de lacunes méthodologiques importantes. Ces initiatives relèvent elles plus plus de l'opération marketing que d'une démarche scientifique ?

July 2005

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