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December 2005


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To find the podcast you want, don’t just search for it ... ZING IT!

November 2005

The Hype Machine - Audio blog aggregator

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The Hype Machine is a web site that gathers songs posted on MP3 blogs and presents them in an easy to consume manner.

October 2005


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media feeds for everyone. RSS enclosures and podcasting made easy.

August 2005

Using iPodder to download music and videos

A blogger who dropped TiVo for a MythTV setup has outlined a way to use the iPodder program with his KnoppMyth software. By combining the two, this user has audio and video feeds automatically downloaded to MythTV.

July 2005

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Répertoire de podcast

How to find and add media to your iTunes library with

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Now that iTunes 4.9 supports podcasting and video blogging, you can use the bookmarking service to auto-load music and video files others have bookmarked.

May 2005


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FoxiPod utilise Greasemonkey et Firefox pour charger les MP3 des sites de podcasting en les enregistrant via Itunes très simplement.

April 2005

Liste de podcasting

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La liste la plus récente de podcasting The freshest podcasts in the known universe


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Internet Actu Nouvelle Génération, recherche et l'innovation sur l'internet et ses usages

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