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December 2005

Free - Envoyez vos documents

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Free propose un nouveau service d'envoi de fichiers en version expérimentale beta.

November 2005


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Musicmobs is a cool way to find new music and tell the world what you listen to.

Welcome to Grouper

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# Grouper is the way to find, share, and enjoy your favorite videos! # Share your videos privately with friends or publicly with the Grouper community. # Get to know other Grouper members by connecting with them through the videos they have created.


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RapidShared.ORG is a catalog of materials, hosted on the servers of, the world leading file hosting service.


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Share and keep track of your stuff (books, music, etc) with friends and people in your network.


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Create and Share your Web Site. We give you all the tools you need to you make your own web site and host it for you. Create your homepage.


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YackPack is a new way to stay connected with a group of friends, family, or work colleagues. Our web-based service makes it easy to send audio messages to one or many people inside a private group.


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Un site qui répertorie les différents outils pour le partage de gros fichiers

October 2005


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Tag, comment, and rate your favorite web pages.


Orb est un logiciel révolutionnaire qui permet d’accéder gratuitement à tous les contenus multimédia présents sur son ordinateur à distance (musiques, photos, vidéos, télévisions) depuis n’importe quel support connecté à Internet (téléphone portable, smartphone, PDA, ordinateur).

Zoho Writer

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Online Word Processor : create, edit, share documents


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Collaborative writing software online :write, share, revise, compare.

September 2005


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Slide is a free Windows application (Mac version coming soon!) for finding, playing, and instantly sharing photos, videos, and other media. Slide will help you group digital photos into channels to share with friends and family. It might even help you find pictures that you forgot you had.

August 2005


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What is BookCrossing?. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.


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Multiply is a web site that makes it easy to share photos, blogs, videos, music, and other kinds of digital content with your friends and family. Unlimited storage space for your digital content

June 2005


RapidShare est un service gratuit d'hébergement de fichier. Le compagnon idéal de Yummy

by 50 others est un"social calendar",mise à jour par les personnes. Les événements de votre ville, événements de rt avec les amis et la famille et possibilité de syndiquer votre calendrier sur votre site, blogue

PhotoBlob :-)

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PhotoBloB est une communauté ou chacun peut publier une image pour la montrer aux autres.


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Audioscrobler calcul ce que les gens écoutent le plus en rapport à vos gouts musicaux

Buzznet un concurrent de Flickr

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Un concurent de Flickr pour stocker et partager ses photos sur le net.

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