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March 2006

Dailymotion - Southpark-piratage ::

Télécharger de la musique sur internet c'est mal les enfants !

February 2006


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Remote Access & File Sharing by Mail

January 2006


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Share exactly what you want with exactly who you want!

December 2005

because music should never be harmless


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is a tiny app that lets you email any size file or folder to anyone, free. :

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The Most Advanced IRC Search Engine

The Torrent Jabberwalker

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« results from torrent sites and trackers all at once »

November 2005


The original '100% Public - 100% Free' tracker

Bram Cohen and Dan Glickman to Make Major Announcement

File-sharing and the trade organizations that represent the music and movie industries are two entities not normally associated with cooperation.

FolderShare is now free of charge

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FolderShare, a service that used to cost $50/year, is now free, thanks to Microsoft which has recently bought the company.

October 2005

Sopcast, la télévision par P2P se démocratise

Le logiciel SopCast apparu pendant l'été fonctionne déjà très bien en diffusant certaines chaînes de télévision réputées comme BBC World ou la chaîne de sports ESPN. Il suffit de lancer le logiciel et de double-cliquer sur le nom d'une chaîne pour la regarder en direct, et relayer le flux vidéo vers les autres utilisateurs.


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Solipsis est développé par : France Télécom - R&D Division - the Universal BitTorrent Source

by 11 others (via) is a daughter of and we all hope it will follow its sucess. is descended from it will flow the same rules as Suprnova laid before it, which means no porn on this website.

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