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Magazine de musique Rock Hip-hop Electro World

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Tout sur le trip-hop, de l'actualité aux indispensables -

December 2005

because music should never be harmless

Muiso Music

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Muiso is made up of two parts - the website at and the desktop companion software. When you run the companion software (download here) you will see a music videoish popup that shows all kinds of interesting things.


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discover books, music, movies and people


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Libra is a very simple application that allows you to create, use and manage multiple iTunes music libraries. Normally, iTunes has only one library, and you can create playlists and groups within this unique library. However, some users have reported that iTunes slows down noticeably when the library becomes large, and other users would like to simply categorize their music in separate sets. This is what Libra allows you to do safely.

November 2005


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Musicmobs is a cool way to find new music and tell the world what you listen to.

Museum of bad album covers

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the worst album covers ever!

Streampad - In tune with the world.

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Streampad is your destination for music on the web. You can listen to your own library streamed from home, live concerts*, and other great music from around the web

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Music Recommendations and Search