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December 2005


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Libra is a very simple application that allows you to create, use and manage multiple iTunes music libraries. Normally, iTunes has only one library, and you can create playlists and groups within this unique library. However, some users have reported that iTunes slows down noticeably when the library becomes large, and other users would like to simply categorize their music in separate sets. This is what Libra allows you to do safely.

November 2005


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idleTunes is a libary management tool for iTunes for Windows. While iTunes is a fantastic application, there are a couple of extras features that can make managing your library easier. idleTunes aims to provide those extra features. The current feature list of idleTunes is:

iTunes -> m3u converter

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Use this page to upload an iTunes Song List and convert it to a m3u file for use in WinAmp, or a portable mp3 player.

October 2005

YVG Software Services

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ITunes Art Importer 0.9.2

September 2005

August 2005


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iTunesSpy is a flexible plugin which inserts and displays the recently played tracks in iTunes on your Wordpress weblog.


Un plugin Wordpress Itunes

Google and iTunes

Google plans to create a major new partnership with Apple. Apple plans to incorporate iTunes into the Google site!

July 2005

Itunes per Ipod

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Les Ipods sont ils vident ?

How to find and add media to your iTunes library with

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Now that iTunes 4.9 supports podcasting and video blogging, you can use the bookmarking service to auto-load music and video files others have bookmarked.

May 2005


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FoxiPod utilise Greasemonkey et Firefox pour charger les MP3 des sites de podcasting en les enregistrant via Itunes très simplement.

April 2005

Art 4 Itunes

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Réccupérer les pochettes des albums d'ITune

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