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May 2006

floverview • a flickr overview

by 2 others
to get the overview about a flickr member.

April 2006


il comporte: les noms de domaines Google, informations de la compagnie, adresses des GoogleBot, listes des services, quelques astuces pour trouver des films/mp3 (attention c'est illégal)...

March 2006


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Download videos from Google, Youtube, iFilm, Putfile, Metacafe, DailyMotion.

February 2006

January 2006 BlogmarksInGoogle

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Ajouter blogmarks dans google via greasemonkey


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An application that saves music to and plays them from a pop3 email account.

December 2005

November 2005

Greasemonkeying with Google Video and YouTube

by 10 others
One of the frustrating things about websites that use Flash video is that they rarely provide links to let you download the video files for offline viewing

October 2005

Fasterfox -

by 10 others
Performance and network tweaks for Firefox.

Weather Bonk

by 1 other
Live Weather on a Google Map. Et ça marche aussi pour la France

September 2005


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GmailThis! is an easy way to make a Gmail email without visiting Once you add the GmailThis! link to your browser's toolbar, emailing will be a snap.

July 2005

CSS-only Image Annotation

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Annotating image with CSS, like in Flickr

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