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April 2006


il comporte: les noms de domaines Google, informations de la compagnie, adresses des GoogleBot, listes des services, quelques astuces pour trouver des films/mp3 (attention c'est illégal)...

March 2006

February 2006


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G-Zapper Blocks the Google Cookie to Search Anonymously

The Google Robot FAQ (Last update: November 1st, 2030)

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I saw a Google Robot entering a library and reading books in it. Is that legal?

January 2006

The Prejudice Map

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La carte des stéréotypes par google BlogmarksInGoogle

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Ajouter blogmarks dans google via greasemonkey


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Google News Tags cloud

December 2005

Google Talkabout

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Talkabout: A blog about voice, IM and open communications with Google Talk.

November 2005