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April 2006

February 2006


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Remote Access & File Sharing by Mail

January 2006


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An application that saves music to and plays them from a pop3 email account.

December 2005

November 2005

October 2005

GTD Mail

Quite simply, an email based reminder system. All setup, entry, management, and delivery of reminders is done through an email interface.

September 2005


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GmailThis! is an easy way to make a Gmail email without visiting Once you add the GmailThis! link to your browser's toolbar, emailing will be a snap.


Check Gmail with any browser on planet Earth.

Resist GMail

Google's new "GMail" service is perhaps the ultimate step in the commercialization of personal life

That other GMail ‘thing’

That ‘thing’ in question is the dynamic email address

August 2005

GMail as an RSS reader

Utiliser gmail pour les flux RSS

How would you change Gmail?

Quelles amliorations pour gmail ?

Google CEO Uses Yahoo Email Address.. Still

Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, still uses his Yahoo email address on his hompage months after the launch of Google's GMail email service.

Google, Yahoo usage Stats and Analysis

Des stats pour les 2 entreprises

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