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Name That Contact!

How well do you know your Flickr contacts? Can you spot them from their photos? Take the quiz and find out! And get to know your contacts better in the process.

Billboard: flickr

Make a big statement with your digital photographs

October 2005

Flickr Motivator

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Inspire! Motivate! Mock!


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Une bien jolie photo

September 2005

Map Flickr photos

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a new service which displays the 50 closest Flickr photos near a place you’re viewing using Google Earth.


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Donnez un look polaroid a toutes vos photos!

Flickr Framer

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Modifier une photo Flick en y mettant un cadre

Microsoft Codename Max

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Pas comme Flickr mais plus comme Slide

August 2005

flickards | 2005 | photo greeting cards

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Un nouveau très joli système d'albums en Flash pour des photos de Flickr

Flickr hack: All Sizes for all pics

Manipulation pour avoir les photos de Flickr à toutes les tailles

Magazine Cover

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Faire d'une photo de Flickr un première page de magazine

July 2005

June 2005


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Géo-localiser ses photos Flick avec GoogleMaps par un script Greasemonkey

On Black : photos noir et blanc

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Voir les photos de Flickr en noir et blanc