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April 2006

March 2006

livelocker : social media bookmarking

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Save your favorite media into your personal locker. Submit links to your favorite clips or pics.

February 2006


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a free online reference management service for researchers and clinicians

January 2006


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Oyax is a social bookmark manager. It allows you to easily add web sites you like to your personal collection of links, categorize those sites with keywords, and share your collection not only with your own browsers and machine, but also with other people.


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Ayez vos favoris Internet depuis n'importe quel PC en page d'accueil

December 2005


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Clip and save just the stuff you want from any web page. • Create your personal online collection of clipmarks. • Tag them with keywords, add your own comments and share them with friends. • Search the Public Clipmarks to see what's being clipped and who is clipping it.

November 2005

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Gestion de vos favoris / agenda / contacts / documents / ... en ligne !

October 2005


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Blummy is a tool for quick access to your favorite web services via your bookmark toolbar. - Avec une intégration de blogmarks -


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Tag, comment, and rate your favorite web pages.


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Search, Package and Share The Digital World

On Tagging -

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Une belle spécification pour l'extension Blogmarks pour Firefox ! ;)

The loader

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You want to use, but you have already dozens of bookmarks in Firefox? No problem. My new loader is the solution.


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wURLdBook is a free web based information aggregator. wURLdBook offers you a new way to unobtrusively navigate, collect, categorize, annotate, clip, archive, find, publish RSS (including enclosures) and share information with others that is important to you on the web.

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