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February 2006

Upcomingscrobbler Mashup

by 1 other can tell you what music you like. can tell you where bands are playing live in your local area. Upcomingscrobbler brings the two together, to tell you where you can see your favourite bands.

October 2005

New version of "recent tracks" feed parser

At some point, presumably around the time Audioscrobbler became one with, the format of the RSS feed changed, so it’s time for an updated version of my original feed parser. [Requires a PHP-based site.]

September 2005

Rate Your Music

by 9 others
Un concurrent d'audioscrobbler / - your personal aggregation service

by 12 others (via) is a web application that acts as your own aggregation service. It is able to fetch and display information about you. It supports syndication with some really popular web applications like 43things, audioscrobbler, and Flickr.

August 2005


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Mélanger Audioscrobbler et Flickr

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Le nouveau site d'Audioscrobbler


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Wordpress audioscrobbler plugin

June 2005


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Audioscrobler calcul ce que les gens écoutent le plus en rapport à vos gouts musicaux

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