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30 March 2007

Brainwave Suite - Dr Jeffrey Thompson Religion & Spiritual / Meditation

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We all experience many states of consciousness, from ordinary waking and sleeping states to extraordinary states in which we are more at peace, particularly aware, or unusually creative. Each of these states has a unique pattern of brainwaves that can be

29 March 2007

Brainwave Symphony - Dr Jeffrey Thompson Religion & Spiritual / Meditation

by 10 others
Combining this powerful new recording process with carefully selected works of Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Bach, and other masters offers a beautiful and unique listening experience as well as a powerful tool for personal transformation.

28 March 2007

26 March 2007

24 March 2007

21 March 2007

CollyLogic: Redesign Notes 1: Width-based layout

by 7 others
The grid is 50%/25%/25% for most of the site - the problem was that at lower resolutions the left most (content) column was getting a bit squashed. So it collapses to 75%/25% below about 850px - with the third column folding into the second.

11 March 2007

09 March 2007

28 February 2007

109 East Palace - Jennet Conant History / American

by 13 others
Despite all the obstacles, Oppie managed to forge a vibrant community at Los Alamos through the sheer force of his personality. Dorothy devoted herself to taking care of him and his crew, and supported him through the terrifying preparations for the test

21 February 2007

17 February 2007