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27 March 2007

A Guide To Alternative Medicine - Andy Guides Health & Recreation / Alternative Therapies

by 15 others
I leave absolutely nothing out! Everything that I learned in order to understand alternative medicine and how to benefit from it, I share with you!

20 March 2007

Chasing men out of the country, without being guilty of nothing, and trying them somewheres else for what they done here.

28 February 2007

21 February 2007

Telegraph | News | Adopt our values or stay away, says Blair

"If you come here lawfully, we welcome you. If you are permitted to stay here permanently, you become an equal member of our community and become one of us. The right to be different. The duty to integrate. That is what being British means."

20 February 2007

17 February 2007

29 January 2007