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List of English words without rhymes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Because the definition of rhyme relies on pronunciation, words that rhyme in some accents may not rhyme in others. An interesting example of this is the word "of," which has no rhymes in British Received Pronunciation, but rhymes with "love" in General Am

List of English words containing Q not followed by U - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Unless noted otherwise all words listed here are assumed to be pluralized by adding -s or -es. References in the "Sources" column relate to the headword in column one; variant spellings are then separately referenced. The sources given are selective, and

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Normal mode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Physically, standing waves are formed by the interference (superposition) of waves and their reflections (although one may also say the opposite; that a moving wave is a superposition of standing waves). The geometric shape of the medium determines what w

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February 2007 search plugin for Mozilla browsers - Stephan Walter

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