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30x Faster WP-Super Cache Site Speed

The method here will show how to create and use a TMPFS filesystem to hold all the static files created by WP-Super Cache. These static files are served to visitors instead of loading php for every request, so by moving those static files to TMPFS your server will be able to access and start sending your site to the browser 30x faster! The WP-Super Cache plugin stores all the static files in the wp-content/cache folder of your WordPress installation, so to enable TMPFS we simply will create a new TMPFS filesystem and mount it to the wp-content/cache folder. That makes anything in that folder (all the static files) be part of the TMPFS filesystem.


PHP Anti-Spam Captcha Script to Secure Form

PHP Anti-Spam Captcha Tutorial to stop automated web robots and spammers from taking advantage of your site.

Smart HTTP and HTTPS RewriteRule Redirects

Smarter SSL HTTPS to HTTP Redirections in .htaccess using RewriteRule to set an environment variable

Tips to Speed Up WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Tips for Plugin Developers to make plugins easier to create and use.

Give visitors the choice to open or save a pdf using .htaccess and php

.htaccess and php example serves .pdf files to give visitors the choice to open in an external program or save to disk without having to open it in the browser

Penetration Testing Network Security Tools

Computer Network Security Tools for Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

FeedSmith Feedburner Redirect Plugin is flawed, use .htaccess

FeedSmith plugin to redirect requests for feedburner feeds doesn't work 100%, but .htaccess and mod_rewrite do

Apache .htaccess Directives and Loaded Modules allowed on DreamHost Servers

Apache Directives for .htaccess and Loaded Modules for DreamHost Web Hosting Servers running Apache2

Redirect Cheatsheet - mod_rewrite, javascript, cfm, perl, php 301 Redirects

Quick Cheatsheet for Redirecting Users with Javascript redirect, meta refresh redirect, and php redirect, also htaccess methods to Redirect.

Control Flow of Pagerank with robots.txt and NoFollow, NoIndex

Matt Cutts Interviewed about robots.txt files, noindex, nofollow, and noarchive meta tags by Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting.

Fresh .htaccess Examples: Cookies, Variables, Custom Headers

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htaccess mod_rewrite code for Cookie Manipulation and Tests, Set Environment Variables and use them to send Headers and Rewrites, and Mod_Security .htaccess Examples

CSS Sprites using background-position on Background Images

CSS Image Sprites are single image files with multiple images, using the background-position in CSS you position the background-image to create a sprite

View HTTP Request and Response Headers

Online Tool Shows detailed Headers for both the Request and the Response, uses GET not HEAD, and acts like a normal browser request for accurate Response Headers.

Country Specific Custom Google Search Engines

Find the Google Search Engine that is displayed for your country, International Multi-Languages.

The REAL Way to Optimize AdSense

Learn the best Size, Color, and Position to make money with Google AdSense Ads.

Multiple Subdomains for a Quicker and Faster Web Site - Easy Apache Speed Tips

Subdomains can dramatically and drastically speed up your website by allowing multiple persistant connections and dns caching.

Modified WP-Cache for Huge Speed Increase

Modify the WP-Cache Plugin on your WordPress blog to make it even better and your blog much faster!

WP-Plugin: AskApache Firefox Adsense

WordPress plugin that displays a Firefox Google Referrals AdSense Ad on your blog only if the client is not running Firefox and on Windows.

Top 2 free online banks for Web Professionals

The 2 best free online banks for Web Professionals. Both have free savings and checking accounts with huge interest!

WordPress Plugin - AskApache Search Engine Verify Google and Yahoo

WordPress Plugin adds Google and Yahoo verification meta tags to authenticate site ownership and increase seo

Redirecting WordPress index.php to root

How To Redirect /blog/index.php to /blog/ using .htaccess mod_rewrite

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