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January 2007

Dan Saffer

Interaction Designer

December 2006

Squidoo : Lenses

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Introduction to Information Architecture - Encyclopedia/Glossary

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A site about HCI, Usability, UI Design, User Experience, Information Architecture and more..


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Website heat maps for usability and information architecture

Information Architecture 3.0

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Peter Morville's column about information architecture and findability

November 2006

Usabilidade & Arquitetura da Informação

Dois profissionais do Rio de Janeiro compartilham suas opiniões, dramas e insights sobre Usabilidade, Arquitetura da Informação, Design de Interação e Experiência do Usuário. Nosso lema: observe e aprenderás!


Consultoria em Usabilidade, Arquitetura da Informação, Estratégia de Conteúdo

October 2006

August 2006

Humane Information Architecture

This blog is dedicated to the principles of Humane Information Architecture. The name was inspired by Jef Raskin's book "The Humane Interface" and his definition of a humane interface - "An interface is humane if it is responsive to human needs and consid

A List Apart: Articles: Where Am I?

On a website, “navigation” doesn’t mean just links. Navigation is, like most elements of a website, about communicating with the user. Good navigation tells a story, and good stories have a beginning, middle, and end.

June 2006

Semantic Studios

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Information Architecture, User Experience, Findability

GUUUI - The Interaction Designer's Coffee Break

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Weekly postings and quartely articles about interaction design

May 2006

Creative Good

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Customer experience consulting, user experience

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