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January 2014

Pharmacy Scales Walter White Should Have Used

Breaking Bad's creators did not take into consideration the importance of a precise, accurate and top-performing scale when they chose what meth-creating tools Walter White would use in the series.

July 2013

Top 10 Server Blogs | Barwhiz Blog

There are a host of servers who have turned to the internet to educate, browbeat, or just down right embarrass customers for their poor behavior and stingy tipping habits. In no particular order, here are the top 10 of our most favorite server blogs:

Best Backpacker Bars In Southeast Asia

No matter where you are in the world, a drink at the local backpacker bar is bound to be a great time. Not only are drinks usually quite cheap, but there is also a good chance that the bars will actually be full almost every night of the week. What’s more, they are typically filled with open-minded travellers that are just looking to have a good time and experience what the local culture has to offer, i.e., it’s a great place to meet foreign girls (or boys).

10 Surprising Things Your Term Life Insurance Policy Won't Cover

While it provides coverage for about 96% of all situations according to life insurance experts, there is still that 4% where you will not be covered. Here are situations where term life insurance fails to pay out.

How Much Life Insurance your Addictions Can Buy

Any addiction from cigarettes and drugs to gambling and shopping can have disastrous financial consequences. If that person has a family then his or her addiction has the potential to not only ruin their own finances but their entire family’s financial health.

June 2013

Tips For The Perfect Wedding Toast

It’s that time of year again, wedding season. With over 30% of all wedding receptions occurring every summer there is a good chance that you may be asked to perform a toast, or even be part of the wedding party. Not unlike many aspects of life, preparation is key when it comes to giving the perfect wedding toast. To help make your toast go as smoothly as possible we have put together these tips for the perfect wedding toast.

25 Unknown Facts about Sleep

Even though we understand that we must sleep at some point, and generally strive to get enough sleep, there are still things even the most renowned scientists do not know about sleep. Here are 25 things about sleep most people don’t know:

Best Types Of Bars For Bachelor Parties | Barwhiz Blog

Not everyone can have a wild and crazy night in Vegas or Bangkok for their bachelor party, but at least with this list of the best types of bars, you too can wake-up to a hangover but in the comfort of your own town.

Top 4 Drinks For The Designated Driver | Barwhiz Blog

Whether it is your own designated driver, or someone else’s, show them how much you appreciate their sacrifice by purchasing them one of these delicious drinks:

May 2013

Beach Bars (We can’t wait for summer!)

Nothing sums up summer for us than a great day at the beach. And what’s a great day at a beach without the chance to party, or even just relax, in an amazing beach bar? What can we say, we can’t wait for summer!

Best Bar Apps | Barwhiz Blog

There are hundreds of websites that will help you to find a great hotel, an awesome restaurant, or anything in between. And, of course, good bars. Here is a list of 8 pretty amazing bar apps to help you when you are out on the town.

April 2013

Most Popular Drinks At A Music Festival

Spring has finally sprung, and with the onset of the warm weather, for those of us north of the equator, it means we can finally enjoy a cold one outdoors. From outdoor patios to backyard parties one of the best places to enjoy a refreshing ice-cold drink is at an outdoor music festival.

Bar Tricks To Pick Up Chicks

For those times that the pick-up lines don’t work in your favor, well don’t worry, even the best pick-up artists need a little help once in awhile.

February 2013

Non-Loan Reasons You Need Good Credit

Even if you never get a loan, your credit may be the subject of intense interest from those who provide financial services. In some cases, you still need good credit to make the most of your money. Here are some of the non-loan reasons you might need good credit.

January 2013

Make Credit Card Spending Part of Your Budget

One of the best ways to boost your finances, and better your budget is to include credit cards in the calculation. It seems counterintuitive at first, but bringing in credit card spending as part of your budget can go a long way toward improving your finances — and keeping you out of credit card debt.

December 2012

Barwhiz App Giveaway | Barwhiz Blog

You have a chance to win up to $300 by doing some very simple things like posting stuff on FaceBook and twitter, downloading our App for Android, and posting some reviews!

November 2012

Deciding If All Debt is Bad Debt

So if not all debt is bad debt, the topical debt management question is how can you tell which types of debt are good? What’s more, how do you protect yourself so you can avoid problems that arise when you have too much debt?

October 2012

The Controversy Over Surrogate Mothers for Gay Couples

Gay marriage. Ooh, there are two loaded words that bring out strong feelings in so many people - and in several different ways. And with marriage comes…procreation. Just as with gay marriage, gay parenting is under the microscope and filled with the same elements of controversy.

Best Of Oktoberfest 2012

The festival typically runs from September 22nd to October 7th and can be virtually found in every corner of the world. With over 300 events planned annually, Oktoberfest is by far the largest beer festival in the world.

Most Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know

Besides being able to pour a proper pint, every bartender should have a solid backing knowledge of the most popular drinks. Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular drinks every bartender should know.

What Is Risk Tolerance, And Why Does It Matter?

Understanding financial risk tolerance is fairly straightforward. You just need to understand how much money you can afford to lose. If you are investing, you need to know whether or not your finances could handle it if you lost your investment.

September 2012

Government Social Media Integration: Reducing Risks (II)

This is the second of three posts on the subject of social media integration by Canada’s federal government, and how to overcome the risks it entails.

Where To Go Out in Prague

Although Prague is famous for its extraordinary number of museums and historical attractions, it’s also home to 800 pubs and nightclubs – the perfect choice for a city break with an exciting nightlife.

July 2012

Sincerus - on the set

Chantalyne on the set shooting Sincerus, an eight-minute short indie film produced in Ottawa. Chantalyne has a minor role as one of four cherubs.

First day trotting

Fourth day on a horse. First day trotting. Ladies and gentlemen…Lauralee!

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