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December 2009

Scott Brown on Why Some Memes Never Die | Magazine

Now, getting nostalgic for a fin de Netscape time-waster is a new and disturbing sensation for me: Web content is designed to dissolve in your brain like dopamine Certs. Yet my Homestar bar stool still feels warm: Firing up the old URL, knit cap in hand, I’m suddenly back in the early Aughts, watching Strong Bad answer his email, kick the Cheat, his rhomboid accomplice, and dream up such memorable mini-memes as the majestic dragon Trogdor the Burninator — a Trapper Keeper-quality pencil doodle with a catchy metal theme song. (It ended up name-checked in the Buffy finale and eventually landed in Guitar Hero II.)

October 2009

Les Observateurs n°90 : Les mèmes

Les mèmes et lolcats... petites plaisanterie d'internaute avec Camille Paloque-Bergès

August 2009

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