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November 2010

Amazing Facts About Facebook And Breakups | Mathias Mikkelsen

I watched a TED talk the other day from David McCandless called “The beauty of data visualizations“. It was quite amazing and included lots of different datasets. One of them was about Facebook and breakups. David and his team scanned over 10 000 status-updates and set out to learn more about when people broke up. This is what they learned:

August 2010

Intel Facebook Case Study | Social Media Examiner

We created a Facebook page to provide a place for folks to talk about technology and, of course, Intel products. The people that were immediately interested in dialoguing with us were the tech-setters—the ones building their own systems. These were tech “geeks” in the best sense of the word.

May 2010 Le "like" tuera le lien.

L'économétrie de l'attirance contre l'économie du lien. Ou comment le "like" pourrait bien tuer le "lien".

February 2010

Où sont passées les communautés des sites d’infos?

Une heure après la diffusion de l’émission Les Effroyables Imposteurs, mardi 9 février sur Arte, on trouvait seulement 9 commentaires d’internautes sur le site de la chaîne. Sur Twitter et Facebook, au même moment, une centaine de messages parlant de l’émission affluaient.

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