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May 2007

The Secret Works!

I recently saw “The Secret” … it created a lot of buzz recently … It was a very interesting movie, about a topic that I am very familiar with - the law of attraction. I have used this law many times before, but I am always amazed how something external can bring things into focus with a laser sharp precision.

April 2007

The Blogosphere is Falling, The Blogosphere is Falling! Help, The Blogosphere is Falling!

I recently stumbled upon a very interesting initiative. Albert from has started an apocalypse. His idea was to get as many people as possible to answer this question - if it was the last day before the end of the world, what would you write as your last post?

March 2007

How to Change Your Money Fate

Have you noticed that people seem to be broke for generations? Grandparents bring up their children to have certain out look on money, and they in tern pass on the same ideas to their children and so on and so forth. The same seems to be happening with people who do extremely well with money. They stay wealthy for generations. Why is that? What is that factor that keeps us poor or wealthy? Can we influence or change it?

February 2007

Open Call For Project MastermindX

We are building the biggest mastermind group in the world. Based on the post about the power of mastermind groups, I had a great idea of putting together biggest mastermind group in the world. Just imagine what kind of power this kind of undertaking could bring to its participants. Can you say a “think tank on steroids”.

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