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11 April 2007 18:00

Naomi Campbell: Fashion Or Reality?

The internet is about to burst with Naomi Campbell overload!  While we all enjoyed the spectacle that was her “community service” at the New York Department Of Sanitation, it seems her fashion choices have caused an even bigger stir &#82...

Justin Timberlake is writing songs for Madonna?

well, this ought to kind of be good. I dunno. Apparently, Justin Timberlake, he of the smoothness and incredibly hypnotizing everything, is writing songs for Madonna. Does this mean that she’ll stop wearing orthopedic hose? Tags: justin t...

11 April 2007 16:00

Today's Special: Monte Cristo Sandwich

Part French toast, part ham and cheese sandwich, the classic Monte Cristo Sandwich is an excellent quick dinner dish that will use the last bit of leftover Easter ham. A sweetly glazed ham is paired with swiss cheese in this Americanized version of t...

11 April 2007 10:00

White plastic retro sunglasses from Topshop

It seems the designers over at Topshop were listening to my pleas for some white plastic framed sunglasses the other week because they’ve only gone and come up with this pair! They’re not exactly Ray-Bans, but they’re close enough fo...

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