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11 April 2007 18:00

Justin Timberlake is writing songs for Madonna?

well, this ought to kind of be good. I dunno. Apparently, Justin Timberlake, he of the smoothness and incredibly hypnotizing everything, is writing songs for Madonna. Does this mean that she’ll stop wearing orthopedic hose? Tags: justin t...

11 April 2007 17:00

Judith Leiber Slender Overture Clutch

Call me crazy, but I have yet to understand the allure of Judith Leiber’s clutches. Yes, they’re sparkly and pretty to look at, but the metal frames seem so cold and uninviting. Clutches should be, well, clutched - not frostily handled lik...

11 April 2007 16:00

Giovanni to play Einstein

Giovanni Ribisi has been cast as a young Albert Einstein in an upcoming biopic. “I don’t know if I should say, but I will, finally, talk about it,” Ribisi said while on a press junket for Perfect Stranger. “Einstein. I’m ...

11 April 2007 10:00

White plastic retro sunglasses from Topshop

It seems the designers over at Topshop were listening to my pleas for some white plastic framed sunglasses the other week because they’ve only gone and come up with this pair! They’re not exactly Ray-Bans, but they’re close enough fo...

11 April 2007 06:00

April 11th, 2007 - Happy Birthday Joss Stone!

sourceJoscelyn Eve Stoker (born 11 April 1987), best known by her stage name Joss Stone, is a BRIT Award- and Grammy Award-winning English soul, R&B, and blues singer, songwriter, and occasional actress who has sold over nine million albums worldw...

11 April 2007 05:00

Hamster powered paper shredder

Is the Hamster powered paper shredder the ultimate in green power - harnessing activity generating otherwise wasted energy to achieve a practical result? Or, is it a cruel re-enactment of serfdom involving your hamster slave? As with most moral dil...

11 April 2007 03:00

Claudia Ciuti buckled sandal

It can be hard to find unique shoes that are a little bit different than every other style out there for a season, all following the same trends. It can be particularly hard at high-end department stores that all sell the same shoes from the same desi...

Vanity in Modern Men

Propaganda historically read by women is now reaching men. Since when do men need to know about carbs, multivitamins, ab crunchers, yoga, and Pilates—and who are these creeps slicked in bacon grease on the Soloflex ads?

11 April 2007 02:00

Poor Orlando can't get a date

Poor Orlando Bloom says his dating life is hampered by being famous. “You can’t date if you’re famous,” the Pirates of the Caribbean actor told Elle mag. “That’s how it seems to me. There are complications in relati...

Chick lit book follows life of Katie Holmes

“Amy Spencer is an accidental celebrity. On Monday, she’s a normal college student in Michigan. By the end of the week, she’s in Hollywood, starring in a TV pilot – as a regular girl from Michigan. It’s all fun and games ...

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