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October 2007

Kate goes blonde for one of her raunchiest shoots ever

Kate Moss has unveiled a stark new look to her Topshop collection.Gone are the floaty dresses and just-washed hair. In come a peroxide crop and thigh-skimming party frocks worn with stockings.The supermodel’s new Christmas range is previewe...

Fab?s October Most Wanted

There is one thing that I think of when October roles around: Halloween! It makes sense for the Fab favorite holiday to be the holiday where you are required to dress up and be someone else for a night right? Halloween is the time to get creative...

September 2007

Hop Pops to adorn your desktop

So Labor day is over, and you’re back at the office with that dreary look on your face. How are you going to get through the week with such a feeling of dread and trepidation in your stomach? Perhaps the Hop Pops from Japan could help lift ...

August 2007

June 2007

April 2007

Christian Louboutin Sexy Platform Heels

It’s quite a contrast to match cork platform heels with nude patent leather but these sexy Christian Louboutin shoes have managed to pull it off well. I love the way the straps don’t end at the top of the platform too; it’s unusual t...

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