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10 April 2006

What is Virtualization?

This presentation has been created for a technical and non-technical audience with no or small knowledge of virtualization technologies. In 10 minutes you'll have an overview of problems modern virtualization technologies can solve and what alternatives the market is offering today.

06 April 2006

VMware competitor launches TRUE virtualization for Intel MacOS X

NO APPLE BOOT CAMP. True virtualization to run Windows and Linux in your Intel Mac OS X from a VMware competitor company. The beta just started and anyone can partecipate.

30 March 2006

Hardening Windows 2003 platforms made easy

Hardening means reducing the amount of services listening on the system, the amount of installed applications and the way applications handle inputs. In other terms hardening means reducing the attack surface area. Microsoft released its official tool for hardening within the Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1: Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) that addresses a lot of problems.

28 March 2006

Microsoft to release Virtual Server 2005 R2 for free

Microsoft is expected to release Virtual Server 2005 for free on next Monday. The virtualization war against VMware is getting hotter!

27 March 2006

Microsoft, the big absentee of virtualization

Where is Microsoft while VMware is delivering virtualization innovations one after another, driving the whole IT market quite all alone? Considering the Virtual PC / Virtual Server development cycle from 2002, when the Redmond giant acquired the VMware competitor called Connectix, customers saw few innovations (some readers will remember that Connectix was already working on a server product when Microsoft acquired them), no enterprise management tools, no serious physical to virtual (P2V) migration tools.

16 March 2006

03 March 2006

02 March 2006

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