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Apple Releases iTunes 12.5.3

Apple today released iTunes 12.5.3 bringing some bug fixes and improvements.


Pranksters affix Windows logo to upcoming Hamburg Apple Store

A group of pranksters disguised themselves as construction workers on Saturday in order to post a Windows logo onto the facade of a future Apple Store in Hamburg, Germany.


Prolink Tablet PC TW8 Review

If you can’t get away from regular PC applications, there’s always the Prolink Tablet PC TW8 which runs on Windows 7.

Lookout Mobile Security is a great free antivirus for Android

An Android device is a sensitive thing; it’s hooked up to your Google account, and there are tons of apps out there. While Android does let you know what an app will be able to access (“SD Card” etc.), it has no built-in mechanism for telling the genuinely useful applications from the ones that are out to get you.

10,000 PCs hit with new Windows XP zero-day attack

Nearly a month after a Google engineer released details of a new Windows XP flaw, criminals have dramatically ramped up online attacks that leverage the bug.

Google I/O Will Be Chrome’s Time to Shine

In the year and a half since it first emerged, Google’s Chrome browser has matured from a thinner-than-air experiment that only ran on Windows into a stable, full-featured browser that works on all major operating systems and is available in 50 languages.

Windows 7 ‘compatibility checker’ is a Trojan

Scammers are infecting computers with a Trojan horse program disguised as software that determines whether PCs are compatible with Windows 7.

Apple: The Microsoft of Mobile?

Apple could soon be the target of an antitrust investigation by either the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice, according to numerous press reports, with the feds focusing on its new policy requiring developers to write iPhone OS apps using only Apple-approved programming languages.

May 4, 2000: Tainted ‘Love’ Infects Computers

2000: The “I Love You” virus spreads to 55 million computers around the world. The damage reaches billions of dollars.

Windows iTunes Users Targeted By Malware

Surprise surprise. There’s a new morsel of PC malware out there plaguing Windows machines. Nothing to write about there: it’s non-news, the equivalent of Paris Hilton getting a polite note from the Center of Disease Control.

Windows patch cripples XP with blue screen, users claim

Tuesday’s security updates from Microsoft have crippled Windows XP PCs with the notorious Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), users have reported on the company’s support forum. Complaints began early yesterday, and gained momentum throughout the day.

Chrome Version 4.0 for Windows released

Google has announced version 4.0 of its browser Chrome. Available for Windows only, it fixes 13 bugs and improves synchronization of extensions.


How to Scan a Windows Network for Conficker Virus from Mac OS X

The Conficker Virus is Windows only but it’s garnering a lot of attention, so if you’re on a Windows LAN at home, work, or school, you may want to check if the Windows machines

Alkaline: Windows browsers on your Mac

Web developers who spend hours testing sites and email newsletters in Windows browsers and clients will be aware of web-based tools, such as Litmus, which automate much of the task.


Treo packs Windows, too

What’s Windows doing in a Palm? We’d like to think it’ll do very well, now that Palm’s smart phones come with another choice for the operating system.


Make your Windows look like OS X

With all the excitement of Boot Camp, and the ability to now run Windows on a Mac, what about the rest of us? Those of us that use Windows out of necessity, and lust after a Mac yet can't afford or justify the purchase of one. What to do? Well, you can make your Windows XP PC look as much like a Mac as possible.


Despite all the hoopla about the introduction of Windows Vista, the truth of the matter is that the new OS isn't due for at least another seven to nine months — and it will probably be even longer before most of us start adopting it. Meanwhile, we've still got to deal with Win XP.

Windows to Linux, and vice versa

These days, the "revolution" is all about Linux. The word alone has become a catchcry for everything anti-establishment, anti-Bill, and anti-licensing fees.

Report: Non-Windows attacks on the rise

Attacks against platforms other than Windows, particularly Linux, are growing quickly, according to a Kaspersky Lab report released today.

Cracking Windows XP Genuine Advantage

A brief guide on how to bypass Windows Genuine Advantage check on Windows XP.

10 Interesting Facts About Windows

These are some of the things that not many people would know about Windows. It is not a household knowledge. But, having knowledge of these would let you appreciate Windows in a whole new way. The development of Windows started a whole new era in the computing industry.

Windows Vista Font Ripoff

Looks like Microsoft ripped off Frutiger to create Segoe, the typeface of Vista. It seems like Monotype, who supplied Microsoft with Book Antiqua and Arial (knock-offs of Palatino and Helvetica, respectively) also created Segoe for them.

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