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Amazon is building the next important OS, and Google can’t keep up

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Alexa is an operating system, and that could mean trouble for Google.


Rumor: Google prepping ‘Majel’ Android voice assistant to counter Apple’s Siri

A new unverified report claims Google is working on its own voice recognition assistant for Android, drawing its “Majel” codename from the voice of the on-board computer in Star Trek.


Google Voice app for iOS available now

The official Google Voice application for the iPhone has finally arrived in the iTunes App Store. After more than a year from Apple’s rejection of Google’s first Voice app for the iPhone, almost ten months since Google responded with an HTML5-based mobile Web app, and about 6 weeks since it was reportedly approved by Apple, it’s here.

Apple Apps: VoiceLab

Play pranks with people around you, by playing prepared Creations recorded by you, with some funny effects added. Perhaps your phone is Darth Vader (Cold Metal effect).

Apple Apps: OneTouch – Deep Sleep

Find a calm and refreshing sleep with OneTouch Deep Sleep. Plug your headphones and simply touch the play button. A unique and delightful guided relaxation session will be composed and played. Let yourself go … to dream land !

Apple Apps: Trans Voice

Trans Voice can change your voice gender in real-time! It affords separate control of pitch and formant in real-time(low latency).

Apple Apps for the Day: VoiceKeyboard HD

Create your own Grand Piano, Cat Piano, Dog Piano, Bird Piano or any Piano from sounds you record. Create an unlimited number of Piano’s on the spot anywhere. Just record your own sounds, and play them on the keyboard as an instrument! You are not stuck with the “stock” set of sounds that come with it. Just record the sound you want into it and play away! Record anything you think sounds good then turn it into something musical and creative.

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