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Russian Hacker Bust: Is the FBI Chasing Mules?

The FBI wanted poster looks like a yearbook page from a Russian provincial college. Seventeen men and women from Eastern Europe, mostly between the ages of 19 and 22, with bad skin, nerdy haircuts and no resemblance to your stereotypical bank robbers.

May 4, 2000: Tainted ‘Love’ Infects Computers

2000: The “I Love You” virus spreads to 55 million computers around the world. The damage reaches billions of dollars.

Fake antivirus is 15 percent of all malware

A rise in fake antivirus offerings on Web sites around the globe shows that scammers are increasingly turning to social engineering to get malware on computers rather than exploiting holes in software, a Google study to be released on Tuesday indicates.


New virus infects programs built with Delphi

Researchers said on Tuesday that they are seeing something unusual in the malware world–a virus that targets a development environment.

How to Scan a Windows Network for Conficker Virus from Mac OS X

The Conficker Virus is Windows only but it’s garnering a lot of attention, so if you’re on a Windows LAN at home, work, or school, you may want to check if the Windows machines

World flu fears sharpen as more cases detected

MEXICO CITY (AFP) - - Airlines and tour operators suspended flights to Mexico on Tuesday as new cases of a deadly strain of swine flu were confirmed across the globe and officials warned of more fatalities.


Viruses and hackers cost UK business £10bn a year

Security breaches from computer viruses, hacker attacks and staff misuse of the internet are costing British business £10bn a year, according to a DTI backed report published yesterday.

Linux, Mac viruses on the rise

The crusade to win a greater share of the operating system market away from Microsoft's Windows has long fired up the hearts of the Mac and Linux faithful.

Hackers News: Rootkits to mask most malware by 2008

Rootkits that hide malicious software from anti-virus and anti-spyware tools are growing in number and sophistication, and will pose an unprecedented risk to users by 2008, security company McAfee said this week.

Virus Wars

Virus writers are not only attacking the anti-virus industry, they're also ganging up on each other, according to this sobering report from anti-virus software outfit Kapersky Lab.

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