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Apple rumored to be working on iOS-powered HDTVs for late 2011

A new rumor claims Apple is readying an iOS-powered connected TV, possibly for release as early as this fall.


Deal Or No Deal: Vegas Gold

Welcome to Vegas! Discover a high-rolling twist on the world-famous TV show and get a shot at a cool $1 Million! Rake in the winnings in your favorite casino games and earn a chance at the final Deal Or No Deal prize board to win the million-dollar case! coupon code for .TV June 2010

Starting today we are now offering one year .TV registrations for the low price of $10.99! But gets better. If you register a .TV for two or more years, you get it for the super low price of just $9.99/year. Still want more? For the month of June you can use the code SHOWTIME for $29.99 .TV renewals!

Lucy Torres Gomez is now a Congresswoman

Lucy Torres Gomez was proclaimed winner of the congressional race in the 4th District of Leyte.

The Dogs of War: Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft

It’s hard to grasp the breathtaking scale of the epic war between Microsoft, Google and Apple.


Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD

The FreeAgent Theater HD from Seagate is a media player designed to work with the FreeAgent Go portable hard drive.


Windows Live Local Shows Where the Stars Hang Out

Celebrity watchers rejoice! Today, Microsoft Corp.’s oline local search and mapping service, Windows Live Local, launched CelebFavorites , a Web site that pinpoints the favorite haunts of eight of the world’s top athletes and entertainers, including Eva Longoria, Anna Kournikova, Jeff Bridges and Alex Rodriguez. Each celebrity has used the site to highlight his or her favorite restaurants, hotels, clubs, shops, museums or places to hang out.

Watch 70 legal TV stations for free

Here is a collection of 70 free legal channels that you can watch from your browser. Includes Game Network, Tv Cartoons, Horror Channel, Comedy Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, Lifestyle Network, 8 Adult channels and a lot more.

Arcane Denial: Windows Live Product search launches

Microsoft adds yet another search vertical to the Windows Live family: Windows Live Product search.

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