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February 2011

iOS Apps: Star Walk – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide

Star Walk enables you to point your iPhone at the sky and see what stars, constellations, and satellites you are looking at in real-time. Please note, you will need a 3GS/4/4th gen iPod Touch for motion tracking, otherwise this app will be just a beautiful info-packed time-sensitive interactive star atlas that allows you to set your location manually to give you the most accurate picture.

November 2010

Android Apps: SPYSAT – free GPS tracking

Change you mobile into professional gps tracking device for free For now, you don’t need very expensive tracking systems. All you need is a your device and this simple program.

October 2010

Android Apps: Family Locator

Download the Top Rated Family Locator to track your kids, pets, and stuff. Track your family’s phones in real time on a map or get a GPS Tracking Device for your pet.

July 2010


The award winning time tracker just got even better. Here’s what our reviewers and customers say: “WorkLog makes tracking time on your iPhone a cinch. WorkLog is really the kind of iPhone app that it’s worthwhile to pony up the ducats for.”

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