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Security check for Internet of Things

Check if your internet-connected devices at home are public on Shodan. If they are, this means they are accessible to the public, and hackers.

Security research tool had security problem

Security researchers and the networks they rely on were at risk of breach by the hackers they investigate, thanks to now mitigated man-in-the-middle holes in a popular plugin for analysing debugger OllyDbg.


Top 10 Web Hacking Techniques of 2010 Revealed

A Web hack that can endanger online banking transactions is ranked the No. 1 new Web hacking technique for 2010 in a top 10 list selected by a panel of experts and open voting.



The award winning time tracker just got even better. Here’s what our reviewers and customers say: “WorkLog makes tracking time on your iPhone a cinch. WorkLog is really the kind of iPhone app that it’s worthwhile to pony up the ducats for.”



It’s familiar problem if you regularly work away from the office. You’re at home or at a client’s office and you need that spreedsheet., Word document or PDF you were working on last night. But it’s on your Mac in your own. That precisely what LogMeIn does.

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