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05 May 2006


In some directories such as /etc you have a mix of file types.


To kill all processes of a particular user from root at unix prompt type:


The creation of many temporary files in Unix during compilations, occupies a lot of memory space. This can be got rid of by using a simple script.

04 May 2006

Arcane Denial: Laptop weilding car thieves steals two of David Beckham's beemers

High-tech thieves are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to stealing automobiles equipped with keyless entry and ignition systems. While many computer-based security systems on automobiles require some type of key — mechanical or otherwise — to start the engine, so-called ‘keyless’ setups require only the presence of a key fob to start the engine.

03 May 2006

Microsoft and SAP make sweet music together

Back in late 2003, Microsoft secretly approached SAP to discuss the potential of a merger that would have been by far the largest coupling in software industry history.

5 Steps to clean up your computer files

In this article, I’ll go over the basics for sorting through and organizing your computer files, making a backup of them, and deleting those you don’t need. I’m only addressing those files that you actively have a hand in creating. If you want to remove software from your computer, read Do a clean sweep of your computer: How to safely remove software and files from your PC.

Mac Vulnerability Tops List of Security Flaws

The institute said in a statement that in light of recent attacks on Apple's Safari browser, SANS experts agree that Apple's operating system, OS X , still remains safer than Windows, but its reputation for offering a bullet-proof alternative to the Microsoft OS is in tatters.

02 May 2006

Apple's New Ad Campaign -- the Switch Disaster Redux?

If you asked Apple's legion armchair CEOs the one number one thing they'd do if they ran the company, the top priority is always the same: develop a series of adverts that spell out the Mac's best features compared to PCs.

01 May 2006

Some Unix Tips

These are some unix tips that might be helpful someday down the road. Feel free to contribute more unix tips by commenting on this article.

Become a Search Engine All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Everyone wants top 10 rankings as though just because they wished it that should make it so. Wishing has nothing to do with rankings. Unless you have a genie in a bottle, we all know it simply just doesn’t work that way.

27 April 2006

How to create IP-IP tunnel between FreeBSD and Linux

Sometimes, I need to connect remote Unix servers with tunnels to provide some specific services or to get access to some internal networks. I was very surprised, when my friend, young system administrator, asked me about how to bring up IP-IP tunnel between different Unix operating systems (FreeBSD and Linux in his case) and said, that he can’t find information about this configuration. As the result of my discovering, this HOWTO has been created.

Building a Linux supercomputer using SSH and PVM

If you have a couple of old Linux boxes sitting around, then you've got the makings of a supercomputer. Dust them off, install Secure Shell (SSH) and Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM), and start your complex algorithms.

Most Web Users Unable to Spot Spyware

McAfee SiteAdvisor , which is pioneering Web safety by testing and rating nearly every trafficked site on the Internet has news for Internet users who think Web sites with clean, appealing graphics and national advertisers on the home page are always safe: “Think again.”

Password overload hitting firms' IT security

LONDON (Reuters)- Security breaches from computer viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and theft of equipment are costing British business an estimated 10 billion pounds (US$18 billion) a year, according to a survey.

Slashdot Re-Design Contest

Slashdot has a contest going on right now for a redesign of their site. The contest will run for two weeks and will have a $4500 Laptop and a $250 gift check from thinkgeek as prizes. Ideally you have to make use of the existing CSS framework and icons. Not to mention that it has to be compatible with most popular browsers and must not be a bandwidth hog.

26 April 2006

OpenBSD Tips and Tricks

Many people responded to the call for OpenBSD and OpenSSH donations by purchasing an OpenBSD CD set. Those CDs are beginning to arrive in the mail, and when they do, how are you going to use them? If you're a software enthusiast who has never used OpenBSD before, you might enjoy installing it by yourself and figuring it out as you go. If, however, you're looking for a more practical approach to using OpenBSD as a desktop or server operating system, here's a guide to get you started.

New IE7 Beta, Add-on Site

Microsoft released an updated version of the Internet Explorer 7 Beta last night. It seems to have a few minor improvements to the interface, such as being able to leave the sidebar up all the time, rather than it just being an overlay.

Wal-Mart and Best Buy Drop Xbox

Looks like Microsoft is moving on when it comes to the original Xbox gaming console, as they have stopped production of the machine, and now stores are dropping the consoles from their sites.

Oracle Unveils Oracle Database Vault

Oracle today introduced Oracle Database Vault, an advanced security product to protect and limit access to sensitive data and applications. Oracle Database Vault enforces preventive controls to help meet compliance requirements by restricting powerful users, such as database administrators (DBAs), from unauthorized access to specific information.

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