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23 May 2006

19 May 2006

Apple decides to step up and defend itself

Creative Labs, makers of the Nomad and Zen line of portable MP3 players, decided to sue its biggest MP3 competitor, Apple Computers. The suit that Creative filed claims that Apple infringed on patents over the interface that's used in Apple's iPods. Creative claims that it had designed the easy to use interface over 6 years ago. Many are asking why Creative waited so long if it had the patents 6 years ago.

Download of the day: Path Finder 4.1.1

Path Finder is a file browser for Mac OS X. It has many features, including labels, customized fonts and colors, a desktop trash can, spring-loaded folders, an image converter, a preview drawer, a menu key editor, an enhanced column view, and a built-in application launcher; and the ability to view invisibles, to compress/decompress, create disk images, add and remove thumbnail icons, open the program with the menu, view hex, copy paths, secure-delete, launch as root, find files, create aliases and symbolic links, delete as root, and to open in terminal. The program was previously named SNAX.

Black is the new White?

Ever since the iPod Nano, Apple has been introducing more and more "black" versions of their products. First it spread to the iPod with Video, and just a while ago to their top line Macbooks. Many complain about the last product, due to the price you pay just for the black coating being around $100, or even more in some blogs, but I'm no price genius so I don't what reasons are behind this.

17 May 2006

Make your Windows look like OS X

With all the excitement of Boot Camp, and the ability to now run Windows on a Mac, what about the rest of us? Those of us that use Windows out of necessity, and lust after a Mac yet can't afford or justify the purchase of one. What to do? Well, you can make your Windows XP PC look as much like a Mac as possible.

Apple Mac back in black!

Apple officially ditches iBook in favour of a slinky new MacBook, that’s also available in panther black. Grrr…

16 May 2006

The Cult of Mac: German iPod Anti-Drug Campaign

The iPod shadow dancers have some nasty habits these days. One of them's even shooting heroin, as you can see. It's all part of a guerilla campaign for Berlin Suchthilfe (which translates as "Berlin Addiction Help."

15 May 2006

14 May 2006

Softbank and Apple to co-develop iPod phones

Softbank Corp. and Apple Computer Inc. plan to jointly develop cellular phone handsets that have built-in iPod digital music players and can download songs directly from Apple's iTunes Music Store, The Nihon Keizai Shimbun is reporting.

12 May 2006

Apple offers QuickTime, Front Row, Security updates

Apple said the 49.1MB QuickTime 7.1 update is an important release that delivers numerous bug fixes, support for iLife ’06, and H.264 performance improvements. This update is highly recommended for all QuickTime 7 users.

11 May 2006

New Standard for Opulence in iPod Cases

Owning an iPod in the first place is one of the top ways to conspicuously demonstrate your disposable income level (or at least that of your parents).

Sony bows to Apple format

Sony Corp. on Tuesday announced a symbolic concession to Apple Computer Corp. on digital audio technology.

Key Isolation Features in Mac OS X

Aside from an awesome user interface and a great underlying architecture, Apple built OS X with security in mind. As part of that central security theme, OS X has been designed using three key isolation features:

Technology Cult: Mac

Want an Intel-based Mac but don't want to pay Apple's prices? A company called Red PCs may have what you're looking for -- if you're willing to face the wrath of Apple's lawyers.

Top 8 OS X Safety Tips

There was a little speculation recently that McAfee had unnecessarily worried people into buying its products with the news that, from 2003 to 2005, the amount of vulnerabilities discovered on the OS X platform had increased by 228%, whereas Windows vulnerabilities discovered in the same time period had increased by only 73%. To the blind-sighted or Mac newcomers out there, this is a worrying fact, but rest assured the truth is being bent—quite a bit.

10 May 2006

Technology Cult: iTunes customers are Red Hot angry

A large number of Apple Computer's iTunes customers, who paid in advance for rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers' new album "Stadium Arcadium" in order to receive a Ticketmaster code that would allow them to purchase advance tickets for the bands upcoming tour, did not receive those codes before ticket pre-sales began on Tuesday and are now enraged with the iPod maker.

07 May 2006

More MacBook News

ThinkSecret has been able to confirm the release of the Apple MacBook for this Tuesday, May 9th. It also looks like they will be thinner than current iBooks and come in White and Black.

06 May 2006

Hide your Mac Mini

The MiniHitch allows you to mount your Mac Mini® on the back of your monitor, by making use of the 100mm or 75mm spacing VESA pattern mounting holes found on the back of many LCD monitors.

05 May 2006

MacBook Next Week?

MacRumors is quoting an unverified anonymous source that Apple may announce the MacBook notebooks as early as May 9.

03 May 2006

Mac Vulnerability Tops List of Security Flaws

The institute said in a statement that in light of recent attacks on Apple's Safari browser, SANS experts agree that Apple's operating system, OS X , still remains safer than Windows, but its reputation for offering a bullet-proof alternative to the Microsoft OS is in tatters.

02 May 2006

Apple's New Ad Campaign -- the Switch Disaster Redux?

If you asked Apple's legion armchair CEOs the one number one thing they'd do if they ran the company, the top priority is always the same: develop a series of adverts that spell out the Mac's best features compared to PCs.

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