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July 2011

Family ties earn this Smart Cover knock-off a Samsung certification and a place on their store shelves

Apple is suing “the copyist” Samsung because they “imitate the appearance of Apple’s products to capitalize on Apple’s success”. Be that as it may, the similarities between the two tech giant’s gadgets are nothing compared to what other Asian knockoffs are doing for a living. Like Anymode Corp., which is in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling a blatant Smart Cover rip-off, pictured above and below.

February 2011

Motorola Bashes Apple in ‘1984′ Superbowl Ad

Apple, not “Big Brother,” is watching you. At least, that’s what Motorola wants you to think.

Motorola Compares Apple To Big Brother In New Superbowl Ad

Back in 1984, Apple introduced the Mac with its famous 1984 Superbowl ad. Now Motorola is invoking some of the same ideas to promote its Xoom tablet, but this time, Apple is Big Brother.

January 2011

Tablets, Dual-Core Phones and 3-D Cameras: 2011’s Hottest Gadget Trends

ey, Rocky! Watch me pull a 3-D TV out of my hat! That trick never works, you’ll groan, and the consumer electronics industry will respond: “This time for sure!”

December 2010

Blackberry Playbook

Another fruity brand is fighting for pole position. The Blackberry line decides to stomp its foot on the tablet arena and joins the fray with the Playbook.

Prolink Tablet PC TW8 Review

If you can’t get away from regular PC applications, there’s always the Prolink Tablet PC TW8 which runs on Windows 7.

November 2010

Analyst: iPad Takes 95 Percent of Market

More confirmation of what most already assumed: Apple’s iPad dominates the tablet market. Earlier, we reported 80 percent of people considering a tablet plan to buy an iPad.

May 2010

Bill Gates: Pen-Based Tablets Will Beat the iPad, At Least With Students

Apple’s iPad might have sold one million units in just a month, but that’s not impressing Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who thinks that the iPad’s touch-only input approach will ultimately lose to pen-based tablets… at least with students:

April 2010

Apple’s iPad: One Small Step for Tablets, One Giant Leap for Personal Computers

On the eve of the launch of Apple’s iPad, I am thinking of Ed Roberts. He never became a household name, but as the man behind the Altair computer — a kit for lunatic tech hobbyists released in 1975 — he was responsible for launching the microcomputer era.

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