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June 2011

Steve Jobs comic book biography coming in August

A comic book biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs is headed to stores in August.

Walt Mossberg Tells Adobe CEO To His Face That Flash Sucks On Android

Ouch! Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen took stage today at the All Things Digital D9 conference to be interviewed by Walt Mossberg.

February 2011

November 2010

Why The Beatles on iTunes Is a Big Deal

It seems like everyone except Steve Jobs was underwhelmed by the Beatles on iTunes announcement today.

Forbes: Steve Jobs Is The 17th Most Powerful Person On The Planet

With an effete wave of his hand, Steve Jobs could have you and everyone you cared about bludgeoned to death in the night by turtleneck-wearing goons armed with iPhone-stuffed socks, but that’s not enough to make him crack the top ten in Forbes’ list of most powerful people on the planet.

October 2010

Watch Bloomberg’s 50-Min Documentary About Steve Jobs [Video]

Hot on the heels of our interview with John Sculley, Bloomberg has posted its 50-minute

June 2010

Watch WWDC 2010 Keynote Video Online

Apple has posted the full video of Steve Jobs’ keynote at WWDC yesterday. It’s worth watching for a few highlights.

May 2010

Steve Jobs Emails: Notes Syncing Coming To MobileMe

Steve Jobs is at it again — emailing Apple customers with answers to their questions. This one was sent to by reader Paul Greenberg, who asked Jobs about a missing MobileMe feature that’s been bugging him for three years: the inability to sync notes via MobileMe.

Bill Gates: Pen-Based Tablets Will Beat the iPad, At Least With Students

Apple’s iPad might have sold one million units in just a month, but that’s not impressing Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who thinks that the iPad’s touch-only input approach will ultimately lose to pen-based tablets… at least with students:

Apple: The Microsoft of Mobile?

Apple could soon be the target of an antitrust investigation by either the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice, according to numerous press reports, with the feds focusing on its new policy requiring developers to write iPhone OS apps using only Apple-approved programming languages.

Apple vs. Adobe: Is Flash dying?

In the Thoughts on Flash essay that Steve Jobs posted last week, Apple’s CEO took on Adobe’s oft-repeated contention that Apple’s (AAPL) mobile products — the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch — don’t offer access to the “full Web” because they don’t support Adobe’s Flash format.

March 2010

Steve Jobs: “Most Valuable CEO” Worldwide?

Steve Jobs once again made Barron’s annual list of the 30 most respected CEOs worldwide.

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