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Oracle buys DNS provider Dyn

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Oracle announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Dyn, the leading cloud-based Internet Performance and DNS provider that monitors, controls, and optimizes Internet applications and cloud services to deliver faster access, reduced page load times, and higher end-user satisfaction.


Apple Apps: Calculus Flashcards

Think you know a lot about calculus? Use Calculus Flashcards to find out. Test your knowledge of limits, derivatives, and integration. Pick a category to see a set of problems, try and work it out and then see a detailed solution worked out step-by-step.


Network Solutions Suffers Large Data Breach – 500k cards ripped

For nearly three months, malware planted by hackers on servers operated by Network Solutions intercepted more than 573,000 credit and debt card numbers used to services rendered by the domain registration and hosting service provide.

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