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Debian packages Android SDK and starts Project Leader election

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The Debian project is one of the largest Linux distributions and one of the oldest. Debian is also perhaps the most democratic, with the distribution’s Project Leader voted in through elections participated in by Debian Developers.


Brace Yourself for Kaspersky’s “Hack-proof” Operating System

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Kaspersky is a security software developer and cyber security firm that is trusted by people globally. So, when the company states that it has created a hack-proof operating system, users are bound to feel overjoyed.

openSUSE 42.2

The openSUSE team has announced the availability of a new version of the distribution’s Leap edition. openSUSE Leap provides a stable base, similar to SUSE Linux Enterprise, with the addition of community-provided software packages.


Mac Apps: Motion FX

Autodesk® Motion FX lets you create stunning real-time video effects using your computer’s camera. Simply select your favorite preset effect, and create an incredible visual experience by moving in front of your computer’s camera. A preset cycling mode lets you automatically cycle through effects without lifting a finger. You can also use the Face Tracking technology of OS X Lion to emit effects from any faces visible to your camera.


Windows 7 ‘compatibility checker’ is a Trojan

Scammers are infecting computers with a Trojan horse program disguised as software that determines whether PCs are compatible with Windows 7.


Skim – PDF Viewer for Mac OS X

If you regularly read and annotate PDF documents, you need Skim. It’s more powerful than Preview, but lighter on its feet than Acrobat Profesional.

Mac Freeware Apps

Here are the list that i know.

TweetDeck for iPhone

Tweet on the go with all your favourite TweetDeck features on your iPhone.


Arcane Denial: AMUST Software announces the release of AMUST 1-Login

AMUST Software today announced the release of AMUST 1-Login™ 1.0 - the next generation Internet Password Manager. 1-Login offers Single Sign On (SSO) to Internet users, the same functionality that has long been available to enterprise users who login into multiple systems and applications. 1-Login allows a user to securely login into multiple web sites by signing to 1-Login only once.

Survey: 70 percent of malicious software aimed at theft

Seventy percent of malicious software being circulated is linked to various types of cybercrime, a study by security firms Panda Software showed.

Abolish Software Patents? Not So Simple

VC Brad Feld thinks software patents should be abolished because they stunt innovation:

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