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Android Apps: Chikka Text Messenger

Price: free, Version: 1.4.2 (Market) Description: Chikka – Still the best way to send free SMS to the Philippines, now on Android.

Android Apps: GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro is the professional version(yet FREE) of well-known GO SMS, with cool UI, chat/list style, popups, backup/restore, encryption/blacklist, folder management, tons of personalized settings and more.


Android Apps: Call Blocker Gold

Free Features: • Black & White call filter • Block Incoming phone calls & SMS • Pattern match like 1800* • Restrict Outgoing calls • Hung up, silence or send to voice mail

Facebook Upgrades E-Mail to ‘Modern Messaging System’

Facebook is seeking to replace e-mail with what it calls a “modern messaging system” that combines all the ways people send messages — including e-mail, IM and SMS — into a single interface. It’s a clear assault on Google and and its popular “social” application — Gmail.

Android Apps: Call Blocker Gold

• Block Incoming phone calls & SMS • Auto-reply to blocked text messages • Call Forwarding • Pattern match, like 1800* or 555-123-### + Restrict Outgoing calls + Group entries, like business hours, weekends, etc. + Password protected • And more!

Passion Frog – The Ultimate Reminder App for Guys

PassionFrog is the ultimate in reminder apps. Men are creatures of habit (we are!), and forget the little things in life that women love. For the special days . . . birthdays, anniversaries, and “Just because I Love You” days . . . The PassionFrog app reminds men of these special times, AND sends them random messages encouraging them to grab flowers, a card, candy, or a bottle of wine on the way home.

Chikka: 10 and Now

As Chikka celebrates its 10th year anniversary, Chief Imagination Officer Dennis Mendiola remembers the time when Chikka was just an idea to improve customer service for the online community when he and his business partners were running a small e-commerce business.

Android Apps: aSMS – free unlimited SMS

aSMS is an Android app that could send free SMS to any cell phone in the United States and Canada. Download the app you can start to send the SMS for free!

Apple Apps: Chikka

Using Chikka, you can send free text messages (SMS) to the following countries: Guam, Hong Kong, Philippines, Saipan, Spain, United States, and United Kingdom. People you send to can also reply to you. When you are offline, replies can be sent back to you via SMS or email.

Philippine wrestles with ‘Jejemon’ cyber-dialect

The Philippines is wrestling with what authorities say is a language monster invading youth-speak in Internet social networks and mobile phone text messaging. The phenomenon has triggered enormous social debate, with the government declaring an “all out war” against the cyber-dialect, called ‘jejemon’, but the Catholic church defending it as a form of free expression.


First SMS Worm: Made in China

Ah another first, and once again China is at the forefront! We recently reported about a Chinese company sharing their huge malware database and now a group of Chinese companies has managed to develop the first SMS worm!

Send SMS free with

Have you tried the I am finding it awesome. I can send sms from PC to mobile phones for free. And my friends can reply to me from their mobile phone.


Send free SMS with all-newSend free SMS with all-new

Have you tried the all-new ? I am finding it awesome. I can send sms from Pc to mobile phones for free. And my friends can reply to me from their mobile phone.


chix: Chikka IM on GAIM

I don't know if chikka will make action regarding this reverse engineering activity, but hey it's really work!

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