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June 2011

WWDC 2011 banners at Moscone Center show new iCloud icon

Apple is working to prepare San Francisco’s Moscone Center West for the company’s 2011 Worldwide Developer Conference to be held next week.

February 2011

Carlos Celdran now a TV-5 kapatid, show to launch on February 21

Artist, activist and Manila tour guide extraordinaire Carlos Celdran posted on Facebook today that he is now a part-time kapatid of TV-5. He will guest host and serve as the man-on-the-street correspondent of a new show to be launched on February 21 on Channel 41.

Computer Hackers Getting Their Own Reality Show

It seems like just about everyone is getting a reality show. “Real” housewives, ex-strippers, repo-men, Hawaiian bounty hunters, power gays in New York, and folks competing to be videogame testers are just a few of the folks that have TV crews following them around these days.

September 2010

Deal Or No Deal: Vegas Gold

Welcome to Vegas! Discover a high-rolling twist on the world-famous TV show and get a shot at a cool $1 Million! Rake in the winnings in your favorite casino games and earn a chance at the final Deal Or No Deal prize board to win the million-dollar case!

July 2010

Stephanie Pratt Has Really, Really Long Legs

Stephanie Pratt knows her legs are one of her best assets, and she has no qualms about showing them off.

April 2010

Woz Accidentally Gets Apple Engineer Fired For Showing iPad

Here’s a interesting story about secrecy and making mistakes at Apple. The story is told by Woz, Apple employee number one (check out his hilarious shirt).

July 2009

Erin Andrews peep show video scandal: Where is the tape?

Erin Andrews has an been ESPN reporter since 2004, and was “named sexiest sportscaster in the land” by Playboy Magazine in 2008. Last week, a video of her walking around naked in her hotel room surfaced and went viral before being taken down.

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