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November 2010

Words Puzzle 1000

This game turns the iPhone and iPod touch into addictive word puzzle to go – a magical device. This game goal is to find the hidden SECRET PHRASE. To get to the hidden secret phrase you must pass through all levels which vary in difficulty.

September 2010


Description: How fast can you find the Secret Word? With every try, Lngo tells you which letters are correct or misplaced. Currently, Lngo’s dictionary contains more than 200,000 entries ranging from 5 to 12 letters and growing difficulty levels.

May 2010

‘Cyberwar’ A Misused Term

Some officials and computer security companies are arguing that the World Wide Web is battlefield in a “cyberwar” that has armies of hackers stealing online secrets and using the Internet to attack the mainframe of many real world companies.

April 2010

Secrets of the new Apple iPhone revealed

When Gray Powell, a software engineer, accidentally left his mobile phone behind on a bar stool after his 27th birthday celebration, he wasn’t just losing a few personal numbers. It was a prototype of Apple’s next-generation iPhone — a device so secret that it does not yet have an official release date, or even a name.

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