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File System Capacity Alert script

# This script can be used to # warn the users that # the file system is getting full



Linux Tip for the Day: Monitoring root in the password file

One of the popularly known method of breaking into a Unix host is by inserting a uid value 0 in the /etc/passwd file which could be done in many ways including backdoors for later accesses .

Linux Tip for the Day: Kill X

Quick way to close your X login session (for SysV) for PID in `ps -u$USER | grep “fv[wm]” | awk ‘{print $1}’`; do kill -9 $PID; done Or throw it into a shell script:

Pirates rewrite script for Apple’s China iPad launch

Just three weeks after the global launch, bootleg versions of Apple Inc’s hot-selling iPad tablet PCs have begun showing up on the shelves of online and real-world shops in piracy-prone China.

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