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December 2010

Wife attacks husband’s alleged mistress in Manila mall

A scandalous Youtube video that is fast going viral shows a certain woman in an orange shirt attacking an alleged mistress (in a black cardigan and white shirt) in a mall in Manila (supposedly Market! Market!). In the video, the woman chases the supposed mistress, grabs her hair, and throws her on the floor, inadvertently giving the crowd that has gathered a peek of what looks like the latter’s black panties.

June 2010

Indonesian Celebs probed over sex clips

JAKARTA – THREE Indonesian celebrities who allegedly appeared in sex videos posted on the Internet will be questioned over possible breaches of a new anti-pornography law, police said yesterday.

August 2009

Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart threesome nude video leaks: Gray anatomy?

A tape of who appears to be “Grey’s Anatomy” star Eric Dane, his wife Rebecca Gayheart, and another woman — reportedly former Miss United States Teen Kari Ann Peniche — together in a nude video has spread online, but a lawyer for the couple said the tape should “not be used for any commercial purposes.”

July 2009

Erin Andrews peep show video scandal: Where is the tape?

Erin Andrews has an been ESPN reporter since 2004, and was “named sexiest sportscaster in the land” by Playboy Magazine in 2008. Last week, a video of her walking around naked in her hotel room surfaced and went viral before being taken down.

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