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February 2011

Review: Olympus E-P2 Shoot in Stylish Black

Photography and Olympus enthusiasts will be interested to know that the retro PEN E-P2 now comes in a special black version. Cosmetic differences aside, the special edition kit also comes with an all-new black 17mm M.Zuiko lens and FL-14 flash.

Canon EOS 1000D Review

The 1000D’s 2 1/2 in LCD screen is rather small, but in every other respect it betters its rivals. It has dedicated buttons for all the key controls, and performance is good, with only 0.5 seconds between shots. The 10-megapixel sensor easily competes with pricier 12- and 15-megapixel examples, with far less noise.

December 2010

TRON Gaming Keyboard Designed by Razer

Big TRON fan? The TRON Gaming Keyboard Designed by Razer features distinctive blue light effects during start-up/shutdown, and comes with a detachable modular keypad and fully programmable keys with macro capabilities.

Olympus E-P2 Shoot in Stylish Black

Photography and Olympus enthusiasts will be interested to know that the retro PEN E-P2 now comes in a special black version.

September 2010

Total Film

Total Film, the world’s best movie magazine and website is now available as an iPhone app. It’s the ultimate pocket companion for film fans.

July 2010

Movie Reviews: Chloe

A revisit of 2003 French erotic thriller “Nathalie…” with European cinema greats Emmanuelle Beart as the irresistible whore while Fanny Ardant and Gerard Depardieu play the embattled married couple, “Chloe” is a low-intensity Hollywood addition that will benefit from its array of A-listers and the intrigue of its decorated director Atom Egoyan (who has been shooting dark dramas since “Sweet Hereafter” in 1997) but ultimately falters because it cannot replicate the controlled explosiveness and the European sophistication in the original, leading us to question its character arcs.

Movie Reviews: Hot Tub Time Machine

“Hot Tub Time Machine” revolves around a trio of friends since high school who have suffered bad luck in their adult lives, after having one of the best lives when they were teenagers.

Movie Reviews: Predators 2010

If you’re wondering why this Robert Rodriquez re-update feels so close to home with the two “Predator” movies in 1987 and 1990 when you were expecting it to be another colossal CGI bore in the vein of say, “The Incredible Hulk” (2008), that’s because it’s based on ideas that the “From Dusk Till Dawn” (1996) and “Sin City” (2005) director developed more than 15 years ago after watching the originals. Ignoring the events in all the “AVP” spawns, the man commissions the able hands of Nimród Antal (“Kontrol” 2003, “Vacancy” 2007) to direct a largely satisfying picture that is dirtier, edgier and less pretentious than one would’ve thought

Movie Review: The A-team

The A-Team goes silver screen! The 1980′s show which popularised Mr. T’s Mohawk and his catchphrase “Pity Fool!” now sees new faces as the four fearless Army Rangers turned mercenaries, lead by Colonel Hannibal Smith (Liam Neeson) and a brand new storyline that is taking us back to the root of it all – how Colonel Smith, Lt. Face, Sgt. Baracus and Capt. H.M. Howling Mad Murdoch ended up as soldiers of fortune.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review

After Catherine Hardwicke (“Twilight”) and Chris Weitz’s (“New Moon”) adaptation of the story, fans would see the continuation of the heated saga in “Eclipse” through the eyes of new director David Slade (“Hard Candy”), in which turns out to be much more favourable and edgier than previous two films.

May 2010

Shrek Forever After Movie Review

When I found out that a fourth Shrek movie was being made, it made me frown because it seemed pretty needless, especially that the last movie was such a bore. But then again, if you take the storyline into consideration, this becomes a fitting final chapter to formally close the Shrek series. The movie is originally entitled SHREK FOREVER AFTER, but in other regions of the world including ours, it is entitled SHREK: THE FINAL CHAPTER, so it’s obvious.

American Virgin Movie Review

Rob Schneider’s oeuvre doesn’t inspire much excitement in the average moviegoer. At most, people expect a dumb movie that might be reasonably funny and raunchy, expectations quickly lowered to match the low ambitions carried by films like Deuce Bigelow. But I imagine that even the most forgiving of moviegoers would have trouble lowering their expectations enough to make American Virgin seem in any way palatable. It’s just an awful film through and through, amazingly lowering the bar for Rob Schneider pictures.

The Back-up Plan Movie Review

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez hits the big screen with her rom-com comeback in “The Back-Up Plan” since we saw her last in 2006’s “El Cantante” and “Bordertown”. She’s famed for her perfect figure, but in this movie, she’s curvier and more voluptuous than ever playing Zoe the pregnant pet store owner.

September 2009

Fujifilm FinePix F70 EXR

Fuji has introduced its award-winning EXR technology into the FinePix F70 EXR, giving a significant improvement in image quality against other models.

August 2009

Razer Moray+

The Razer Moray+ is a lightweight, in-ear noise-isolating earphone coupled with an in-line Omni-directional microphone aimed at gamers who require a lightweight, portable device to meet their audio,

June 2009

Imation M-Class SSD

There’s no doubt that solid state storage is taking over from hard drives in portable devices.

DroboPro Storage That Manage Itself

Having achieved a degree of success with its Drobo storage robot, which lets home users and multi-drive, hot swappable storage with built-in redundancy,

Nova Media iCON 225

Nova Media’s iCON 225 is a USB 3G modem designed for Mac users. It’s not locked to any particular network and supports a number of high-speed protocols.

Shure SE115

Having had a great deal of success at the professional end of the in-ear earphones market, and released sound isolating earbuds that stretched the budget of even the most ardent music fan,

May 2009

Copy Cat with Suzuki Mimic Go MG-260S

Feel a bit disoriented every time you have to switch PCs? With the Mimic Go MG-260S, you can have your desktop look exactly the same every time

April 2009

Apple Aperture 2

Apple introduced Aperture 2, the next major release of its groundbreaking photo editing and management software with over 100 new features that make it faster

Sony PSP 300

Sony latest PSP update includes a brighter, less reflective screen, so you’re not battling the rays during those outdoor LocoRoco 2 sessions.

Fujifilm Finepix S2000HD

This D-SLR wannabe is a useful camera for both professional photographers and Sunday snappers.

Nokia N-Gage (N96)

N-Gage V2 washes away the bitter taste left by Nokia’s original, much-unloved handset. It’s now a gaming platform on an elite selection of Nokia phones, rather than a range of spectacularly hideous, underpowered handsets.

The Future of Netbooks Dell Mini Inspiron 10

by 1 other (via)
Hot on the heels of the Dell Mini Inspiron 9 is the predictably named Dell Mini Inspiron 10.

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