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October 2011

iOS Apps: PressReader

PressReader brings over 2,000 full-content newspapers from 95 countries in 51 languages to your iPad & iPhone. Download PressReader today and receive 7 issues for FREE!*

June 2011

iOS Apps: Comic Zeal Comic Reader

Imagine holding your comic library in your hands; with Comic Zeal, you don’t have to imagine. Your iPad is the perfect device for reading comics, but reading comics and manga isn’t like reading books. You need a specialist app that can:

May 2010

At WWDC 2010 Apple will announce … iWatch :)

If Apple will make a great surprise to everyone? If It will announce a brand new product?

iPad or Netbook? Readers respond

Last week, I asked readers whether they would choose an iPad or a Netbook. Those in favor of a Netbook–or notebook, in some cases–stated practical reasons, while those in favor of the Apple device often pointed to its media-viewing capabilities and novelty.

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