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iOS Apps: JotNot Scanner Pro

Use JotNot to scan and save documents, receipts, whiteboards, business cards, notes, recipes, photographs, billboards, posters, books, art–almost anything you can take a picture of.


iOS Apps: Switch ~ multi-user web browser

Switch lets different people browse the web on a single iPad while keeping their own history, bookmarks and tabs. Ever got frustrated because your girlfriend/husband’s sites are open in every tab in Safari? Switch is for you! Each person who uses iPad gets their own user account, so each time you open Switch everything is just how you left it.


UnitMath is a giant leap beyond disjoint unit conversions and calculations to a world of seamless calculations with units. Enter your equations with the units you know and ask for the results in the units you want.

Air Milage Calculator

A tool which calculates the distance between airports around the world. So you can check how much frequent traveler miles you will get for your flight.


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