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Parrot Security OS 3.3

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Palinuro has announced the release of Parrot Security OS 3.3, a new release of the project’s Debian-based, specialist distribution with a collection of utilities designed for penetration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, hacking, privacy and cryptography:


Up To 114,000 AT&T iPad Customers’ Security Has Been Breached

Up to 114,000 iPad owners have had their privacy breached thanks to a snafu on the part of AT&T that ultimately (but inadvertently) traded user convenience for security. coupon code for June 2010

Coupon Code: SUMMERTIME Discount Price: $8.81 domain name registration at Namecheap coupon code for May 2010

According to Namecheap. com the coupon code for the month of May 2010 Free WHOIS Privacy Coupon Code

Last April 21, 2010 announce that their private WHOIS service, which was traditionally free, will now cost $1.99 per year.

Facebook privacy hole ‘lets you see where strangers plan to go’

Facebook’s new system for connecting together the web seems to have a serious privacy hole, a web developer has discovered.


Don’t Brushoff Privacy!

Do you show a blatant disregard for your contact’s privacy? How would you feel if your contacts whether business or personal, decided to take your phone number and give it out to strangers? Stranger’s who you don’t know! Strangers who may use your phone number to contact you about something you’re not interested in or worse yet, who may sell your phone number to telemarketing companies to do the same.

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